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Founder: Roger Mendoza


Project AVI strives on promoting positive mental health by inviting a night club-esque aura, high energy instruction, and a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone. Close your eyes and imagine you’re at the club with friends, loud music and lights all around you, just letting your body move to the rhythm and beat; that’s what Project AVI is all about. Finding your happy place is the first step in a healthy way of life. Similar to a hobby, Project AVI understands your everyday stress and welcomes you with open arms without fear of judgment; and if you happen to lose a few pounds in the process, even better!


 Everyone has a project they find at a different point in their life. Some will acquire this passion early on, while others find it later in life through obstacles and challenges. Look deep inside to spot the project which can help you be the best version of yourself. Let’s develop it together!




What is Cardio Dance?

What is Liquid Heels?

Covid Precautions

All entrants will be responsible for completing a liability waiver agreeing to not have any known COVID symptoms to attend class. Masks and temperature checks will be at the discretion of each member and sanitizer will be available during each class.

Studio AVI

15002 Tradesman Dr.

San Antonio, TX 78249

Monday - Sunday:

8 am - 9pm

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Dance has always been my passion, but now as a wife, mother of three young children, and professional businesswoman, it’s hard to find time to myself without feeling guilty. Project AVI has alleviated that guilt for me. It has given me an outlet that I can feed my mind and body with the positivity and joy of dance!

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Karin D.

Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and over the course of chemotherapy and radiation it was discussed more than once that my immune system was abnormally healthy. The combination of incredible music, engaging choreography, and stress reduction was a literal lifesaver!

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Tonya T.

I’ve witnessed every member making Project AVI a priority for themselves. A time to ignore the daily demands of life, members can experience Attitude, Vibe and Imagination in their own way and continue to grow themselves.

As we begin 2021 I’m eager to witness how ProjectAVI transform its community with its very own studio! View More

Anndrea B.

His classes are a place of solace. A space where age, gender, background and the likes are dropped at the door and everyone is united in leaving the monotony of daily life on the dance floor. I can honestly say for myself, and on behalf of many others, when life is ever-changing, Roger is our constant!

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Crystal J.

Join the @projectavi.3 family!